You have lots to remember – notes, lectures and tutorials. How do you retain everything you learnt? Boost your memory skills with these tips.


Divide your time into pockets of 45 minutes with 15 minutes blocks of breaks in between each session. Each 45 minutes should focus on maximising the learning of a topic. Trying to learn history? Watch a you-tube video on the topic (10 minutes), quick scan notes and summarise (15 minutes), discuss with a friend on the topic (15 minutes) and recap (5 minutes). Go for peak performance in the given time rather than taking 2 hours to read a topic at leisure. This intense-timed study can help you retain facts better.


Teacher talk, taking notes and other learning techniques are so old school. New research indicates that your peer learning sessions, group discussions and even teaching others about the topic – these methods give you the best value for your time. Besides helping you in quick recall of facts, these techniques have been found to be effective in a comprehensive learning. In order to talk about the topic, you need to process information, sound out ideas and organise facts and applications in your mind first. These methods are interactive and help boost learning by over 90%.


Students of today are time-starved and often go ‘switch-off’ mode when in class. Schools are getting longer and it is difficult to find time to catch up later. Make the most of your class time. Listen attentively, process information, do the questions actively, seek help from teachers to clear your concepts immediately and discuss with your friends about the topic.