Enhanced Nitec Foundation Programme (eNFP) is popular with both Normal (Technical) and Normal (Academic)students

The Enhanced Nitec Foundation Programme (eNFP) started at the ITE in 2014 has a quite a fan following among the Normal (technical) students.

Schools, teachers and parents have played a part to encourage students to aim for entry into this course. In fact, the enrolment at the ITE has showed a positive trend in recent years, despite the decreasing birth rates.

According to a Straits Times report, 28 000 students opted for ITE courses, even as the total number of students who chose post-secondary options fell. This is an increase of 2000 students though the admission criteria for ITE courses remained the same.

Teachers spoken to felt that the enhanced image of ITE has made it a choice institution for students from the Normal (Academic) stream. The early transit to a higher education institute is now favoured by students who complete the GCE N Level examinations at secondary 4. They view the GCE O levels as a high stakes examination and prefer to opt for ITE courses which allows them to pace their learning to transit to the advanced levels.

The pioneer batch of students expressed opinion that it saved them another a year in secondary 5, and they had more options in ITE which provided a bridge to a desired course at a polytechnic. Some students also felt that the jump from N level to O level was steep in terms of academic rigour and expectations.