For international students, choosing the right institution is a tough decision. Consider these factors carefully before you make the big move.


Every institution is unique and provides an avenue to develop your talents and help you achieve your potential. Deciding what’s critical for your learning needs will help you narrow your options better.

Staying Connected

Learning at an international school facilitates the easy transition to your home country later on as it provides an environment that is infused with familiar culture and curriculum. Teaching is customised to meet your specific needs and may help you ease

Circle of Influence

International schools also help expatriates stay connected with other newbies by facilitating communities within the school, thus offering you a network of support, which understands your own cultural and transitional needs.


Do consider distance as a serious factor when choosing a school. Long distance travel can be tiring, especially in the crucial years with high academic demands. Transport costs can also add up if you live further from school, depending on the routes and peak-hour.

Passion & Talent

While the curriculum is important, the extra-curricula activities available can make a huge difference. It may be wise to find out if your the activities would develop your talents. Does the school offer the choices if you have sporting interests or is artistically inclined?

Fees and such

Cost is a major decision-making factor as school fees can range from S$6 000 to S$30 000 per year. Also check if you need to pay for extra activities like camps or other programmes or others like locker services, sports gear or equipments.